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Cheap and Luxurious Bathroom Countertops?

Kitchen countertops have long been associated with beauty and luxury. When it comes to bathroom countertops, however, sometimes luxury can be forgotten in the old washroom. This is why homeowners who like to think big will really enjoy the laminate bathroom countertops. These luxurious bathroom countertops offer homeowners a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. There are also solid surface edge bathroom countertops, hardwood edge countertops and countertops in Lakor and Bevel Edge style.

Contemporary designs of bathroom countertops look truly amazing thanks to laminate production. Laminate involves the process of uniting two or more layers of material together and sealing them with heat and pressure from an adhesive. This allows amazing laminate bathroom countertops to vary greatly in design, and some of them mimic the visual qualities of the finest stones.

Some of the finest bathroom countertops are made by Bevella, from some of the top laminate designs by Formica and Wilsonart. Bevella bathroom countertops are highly regarded by designers for looking very high-end and being of exquisite quality with front edge treatment and matching beveled backsplash, while still remaining a fraction of the cost of other luxury bathroom countertops. The real challenge is in finding a retailer for bathroom countertops that you can trust.

ShopCounterTops.com exclusively sells Bevella bathroom countertops and offers some of the best quality merchandise along with very generous warranties. The company also offers RTI (Ready To Install) custom Bevella bathroom countertops that let online users select their own bathroom countertopsí style, color, selections, dimensions and finished ends. ShopCounterTops.com also offers nationwide delivery, the guaranteed lowest price anywhere online and certified products that are environmentally safe. If you want to add some luxury into the smallest and most personal room in the house, then laminate bathroom countertops from ShopCounterTops.com is something you can lean on.