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Spruce Things Up With A Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom is known by many names, such as a lavatory, a loo, a powder room, and a water closet. A bathroom is usually not known as a room of luxury, but some homeowners have made their loos just that--bathroom vanity rooms that look inviting and luxurious. This can be done by adding beautiful wallpaper, rich tile and of course, bathroom vanity countertops!

Bathroom vanity countertops may be laminate edge, solid surface edge, lakor edge, or hardwood edge. Bathroom vanity laminate edge selections offer countertops made through a laminate sealing process, which allows for economic pricing and realistic mimicking of fine textures. Bathroom vanity Lakor edges come in several different designs and can be single and cut on the top edge or double cut on the top and bottom edge. There are also selections for rounded over edges and beveled edges, single or double.

Bathroom vanity solid surface edge countertops use the depth of a solid surface (such as made by Corian or Formica) along with the rich visual appeal of laminates. Quality bathroom vanity solid wood adds a luxurious wooden touch to the countertop, made with a predominant grain of fine oak and with patterns of hard maple or fine cherry. All of these countertop designs are featured by Bevella, one of the top names in countertop design.

The online store ShopCountertops.com offers these beautiful bathroom vanity countertops at a price thatís much lower than other high-end products. However, the quality of design remains of the highest standard, which has made ShopCounterTops the #1 seller of bathroom vanity countertops in the nation. The store offers factory direct pricing and guarantees customers the lowest price on bathroom vanity products. If you want to make your old loo into a sophisticated bathroom vanity room, then look up Shop Counter Tops.