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Corian Countertops

What is the Significance of Corian Countertops?

Corian counter tops are very desirable to homeowners, not only for the aesthetic but also for selling and marketing homes for sale. Corian counter tops are made by Dupont and were first marketed in the late 1960’s. Corian counter tops are considered “solid surface” material and made from acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. Intense heating allows Corian counter tops to be formed into unique shapes for homes.

What appeals to many professionals about quality Corian counter tops is the versatility of the materials, which can easily be joined, shaped and finished. Corian counter tops come in multiple selections of colors and patterns, including such vibrant products as raw silk, lava rock, aloe vera, burtled beach, black forest, snow white, stone harbor, Egyptian copper, cinnabar and Aztec gold. There are also selections in granite and a special Zodiaq color collection. Corian counter tops are available in over 130 different colors, and many come with special designs such as inlays, seamless backsplashes and inline sinks.

Corian counter tops are easy to clean, since they are nonporous products. Durable Corian counter tops naturally resist the growth of mold and bacteria and are scratch resistant. Corian counter tops create the illusion of a single solid surface and can be customized to perfection.

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