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Choosing Formica Counter Tops

One of the best materials for use on kitchen counters is Formica. Formica counter tops are a durable and beautiful surface. There are many reasons that Formica counter tops are a good choice. First of all, they are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. The Formica is a synthetic product that is made in rolls or sheets. The Formica is cut to size and applied to wood or particleboard counters. Formica lasts as long time and holds up to many kitchen situations. It can hold up to heat and cold. It's a strong material that doesn't easily chip or crack. The material is also easily cleaned. You can wash the counters quickly and easily. Because Formica is non-porous it can be sanitized. Food and germs don't soak into it. It is the perfect material for use in a family kitchen. Best of all it is one of the most affordable products you can choose.