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Update Your Décor with Formica Kitchen Countertops

Formica kitchen countertops, known by the name of the manufacturer by the same name, are an ideal way to update your kitchen. The bright green Formica kitchen countertops of the 1970's have come along way and today you can choose from numerous colors and designs. The popularity of Formica kitchen countertops is due to great features like affordability, color and design options and easy installation.

Two major manufacturers of Formica kitchen countertops are Formica and WilsonArt. Both manufacturers create quality products and you can purchase them from any authorized dealer. You can have a professional install your Formica kitchen countertops, since they should guarantee their work, but the project is simple enough for a do-it-yourself homeowner. If you are going to install your wonderful Formica kitchen countertops yourself, here's a tip - measure, measure and measure again. You want to provide the most accurate measurements to ensure your countertops fit correctly.

Formica kitchen countertops come in a variety of solid colors, and look-a-like textures like granite and marble. If you can't decide on a color and design, begin with the color and style of your cabinets and walls. If you are doing a complete kitchen overhaul, make sure the color and design of your Formica kitchen countertops will match your new color scheme.

An important feature to consider is the "post-form" option. "Post-form" simply means that your backsplash, countertop and edging are all one piece. This is a great option since there are no creases where food can collect; making clean up a snap. If your new Formica kitchen countertops are not "post-form," your edging can either blend or accent your countertops. From round edges to beveled edges, the choices are many.

For more information about Formica kitchen countertops, or to place an order, visit Shopcountertops.com.