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Design Options with Formica Laminate Countertops

Formica laminate countertops are one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen. Known for affordability, durability and design options; Formica laminate countertops are one of the best selling kitchen countertop solutions.

With a variety of colors and designs, Formica laminate countertops are ideal for almost any kitchen decor. Select the color, design, and your Formica laminate countertops are shipped directly to you for installation. This is a project suitable for any do-it-yourself homeowner, but make sure to double check your measurements before ordering. Formica laminate countertops can also be professionally installed to ensure accuracy.

If you're going for a complete kitchen redesign, decide on your new color scheme first, before choosing your Formica laminate countertops options. Colors cover a wide range with mock-textures like granite and marble. For helpful design tips, visit any Formica laminate countertops dealer.

When choosing the best Formica laminate countertops design for your needs, consider the "post-form" option. "Post-form" means that the backsplash, countertop and edging are all one single form. That means your countertop is one uniform piece with no creases where food can get stuck. You can also select small risers for the corners of the Formica laminate countertops to prevent spillage. The riser literally raises the corners just enough to trap any liquids before the run down the cabinets and onto the floors.

Edging for your Formica laminate countertops also comes in a variety of design options. You can select round edges with the "post-form" style, Formica edging to blend with your countertops, or finished wood edging that can beveled on the top, bottom or both to accent.

Affordable and easy to install, versatile Formica laminate countertops are a great design choice for your kitchen décor. To find out more information about Formica laminate countertops, visit shopcountertops.com.