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Modern Day Granite Counter Tops

Used since ancient times, granite is the ideal material for counter tops. If you thought that granite counter tops were only for the wealthy, think again. Today, granite counter tops are a popular way to add a modern day look to your kitchen.

If you have been thinking about updating your kitchen to match modern day elegance, now is the time. Install granite counter tops and watch your home's value increase. It's a known fact that home buyers prefer updated, modern kitchens and granite counter tops can help you add appeal.

The benefits of granite counter tops are endless. They are heat- and scratch-resistant, durable and easy to clean. Pots and pans can go straight from the stove onto the counter with no damage. Try doing that with a laminate counter top and you'll melt the counter top and ruin your pan. Granite counter tops are also scratch resistant.

The natural colors and patterns of beautiful granite counter tops make for much more interesting color and design in your kitchen. Dark colored granite counter tops with rich wood cabinets add a dramatic effect. While light colored granite counter tops with light wood cabinets lighten up a dark kitchen.

The colors of granite counter tops run in rich earth-tones with variations in specs and veins. To help you choose which color and pattern best matches your kitchen, visit a design center. Take home chip samples and review them for a few days to see which one suits you.

Maintenance is next to none with quality granite counter tops. Simply wipe down with water and apply an annual application of granite counter tops wax to retain luster and shine.

Update your kitchen with the modern day look of granite counter tops. Visit shopcountertops.com to order your counter tops today.