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Get Your Kitchen Ready for Granite Countertops

It used to be that granite countertops were only exclusively seen in the homes of the wealthy; but granite countertops are the standard choice today, including tract homes. Granite countertops are made from natural materials that stand the test of everyday kitchen activity.

Durable, and resistant to scratches and heat blistering, granite countertops can outlast any other countertop, including your home. The preferred choice of every home chef, you can use your granite countertops to roll out dough and candy without harming the surface. And unlike laminate countertops, granite can be repaired, if on the rare occasion it does get damaged.

Granite countertops will give your kitchen a sophisticated look and increase property value. Choose from earth-tones in a variety of colors, specs and veins. Given its natural color and mineral patterns, wonderful granite countertops offer more sophistication than traditional laminate countertops. Pricing for granite countertops depends on the manufacturer and designer, but you can generally expect them to run from $60 to $120 per square foot. The more rare and unique styles of granite countertops are more expensive.

Installation is not for the average homeowner, and it's in your best interest having it professionally designed and installed. However, you can help minimize your costs by removing your old countertops. Talk to your designer for additional ideas on reducing your installation costs.

Maintaining your quality granite countertops requires no special handling, other than the annual application of a special wax to maintain the original color, luster and shine. To clean your granite countertops, warm water will do. Disinfect your granite countertops with a mild soap, as harsh cleansers are not recommended.

Add some sophistication to your kitchen with granite countertops. To find out more information about granite countertops, or to place an order, visit Shopcountertops.com.