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Adventures in Kitchen Counter Tops

With today's choice in natural and fabricated materials, it's hard to choose the right kitchen counter tops for your needs. Whether you're looking for durability, function, beauty or budget, here are the latest tips on kitchen counter tops.

Granite - By far the latest trend in kitchen counter tops, granite makes an ideal choice. The natural colors and patterns give it a dramatic and modern look. It's stain, scratch and heat resistant, making granite the durable choice for kitchen counter tops. Pricing is a bit above average, but still affordable.

Laminate - Often refer to as Formica, laminate offers a great choice for durable kitchen counter tops. Laminate is durable and cost effective, but is not heat resistant. It's prone to scratches and is nearly impossible to repair.

Stone - Not for the every day kitchen, and usually reserved for high-end homes, stone is an alternative choice for kitchen counter tops. It is very solid and long-lasting with a sealant applied to the surface. However, it is a very expensive choice for kitchen counter tops.

Solid Surface - This style of kitchen counter tops is also referred to as Corian and Avonite, among other names. Solid surface counter tops offer a smooth surface in a variety of colors, but they are vulnerable to certain stains. The surface is vulnerable to scratches, but scratches can easily be sanded out.

Ceramic Tile - kitchen counter tops made of ceramic tile are durable, but the down side is the tile grout can become stained, crack and wear down. Ceramic tiles make great visual kitchen counter tops, with the flexibility to create patterns and pictures with colored and custom painted tiles.

Choices for kitchen counter tops are constantly changing so find out about the latest trends and pricing at Shopcountertops.com.