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Bathroom Vanity Takes on a New Meaning

The term, "bathroom vanity" has taken on a whole, new meaning with more homeowners and contractors electing to install custom countertops. Now, a bathroom vanity is more than just a piece of furniture, a bathroom vanity is a way of thinking. Homeowners and contractors are taking their bathrooms to new levels with the addition of custom countertops to fit the décor and specifications of virtually all bathrooms in the home.

Prior to the popularity of custom and affordable countertops, people purchased a dull bathroom vanity, or put a boring countertop on their vanity based on the lackluster selection available at their local hardware store. Consumers were unaware of the affordability and availability of custom bathroom countertops for bathroom vanities. The Internet has now transformed how people view their bathrooms.

Artisans at a specialized countertops dealer have opened new possibilities for bathrooms and vanities. People now have a new definition to the term, "bathroom vanity," desiring a stunning bathroom that makes guests stop in admiration. Why are bathrooms becoming a focal point of many homes? Any realtor will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms are focal points in real estate purchase, and if you ask them what areas of kitchens and bathrooms are most important, they will tell you it is the countertops.

Once you have decided your bathroom's upgrade needs and you find yourself with a new sense of "bathroom vanity," it is time to add some pizzazz or sophistication to your bathroom design. A custom bathroom vanity that looks great and fits perfectly is exactly what you need to take your bathroom to the next level. So go ahead, it's okay to be a little vain when it comes to your bathroom vanity and overall décor.

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