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The Benefits of Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are a common solution to people's countertop needs. Typically, laminate countertops are the least expensive type of countertop and they are as attractive as any granite or marble countertop. Manufacturers make laminate countertops by covering particleboards with laminate. People have used laminates for wooden furniture surfaces for a long time, because it makes the surface more durable. The laminate material that countertop makers use on their particleboard counters is strong and scratch resistant. This makes laminate countertops a very practical choice, especially for countertops that may see a lot of use.

Laminate countertops have seen many trends and styles over the decades during which people have used laminate countertops. In the 1950s, laminate countertops took on a look of shiny, pastel marble. In the 1960s, floral patters were popular for laminate countertops. In the 1970s, homeowners insisted on harvest gold, avocado green, or orange for their laminate countertops. The 1980s brought about the wooden chop block look for laminate countertops, which continued to be popular through the 1990s. In the 1990s, laminate countertops that resemble stones began to surface in homes, and today, most laminate countertops mimic some sort of hard surface such as marble, granite, or slate. Nowadays, it has also become popular to purchase laminate countertops via the internet.

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